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Ohio Open Carry New forum

November 12, 2012

Yes you read the headline correctly. There is a new Forum here in Ohio Dedicated Specifically to Open Carry. was founded with the intent of unifying those who open carry in Ohio. Open carriers in Ohio have had to use various websites, Facebooks and forums in order to communicate on a mass level, until now. With the creation of, open carriers in Ohio can officially say they have a place to call “home”. welcomes all pro-2A members, OC, CC, from Ohio or elsewhere, but our specific intent is to have a place we can communicate with fellow Ohioans.

We are slowly turning into an organization, planning events, establishing relationships with vendors and other establishments. Our hopes are that we will continue to grow and become the number one source for information regarding open carry in Ohio, as well as continue to fight for our right to open carry. There are many members of who can be credited with illegal signage being removed from public areas, as well as educating the public and many police departments regarding the legality of open carry.

With that being said, welcome to, we hope you enjoy your stay.

Go check it out, Register and join in the conversations. If you have questions just ask, These guys all remember what it was like the first time they Open Carried, and won’t ridicule you for asking questions.

Open Carry Meet and greet

November 11, 2012

Miami County Open Carry,, and are working together to hold a meet and greet At A Fat Boyz Pizzaria in Troy Ohio. This establishment welcomes Open Carry or Concealed Carry. We are mandating there be NO LONG GUNS at this event. The size of the venue and the seating arrangements will not allow for the carry of Long guns. This establishment does have a (D) Liquor permit. So If you are planning on going to eat there Monday thru Saturday you MUST have a valid CHL to carry there. They do not sell alcohol on Sunday, So you are safe then. Please come join us for this day of food and fellowship. Meet new people and visit with some you haven’t seen in a while.

When: Sunday November 25th 1:00pm

Where: A Fat Boyz Pizzaria

1469 S. Market St.

Troy, Ohio 45373

Web Site:

Food Styles

Price Range $$ (10-30)

Mon – Thu: 10:30 am – 9:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 10:30 am – 11:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Man Illegally stopped by Vandalia Ohio P.D. For Open Carry (3-28-2012)

October 24, 2012

This was shared with me recently, The end result was a new training Protocol for the City. So I decided to share this with you. Remember Open Carry is Legal in Ohio. You need to Know your rights, and also understand that not everyone with a badge will respect your decision to exercise your right. I am not Bashing any of Law enforcement officers. The fact is there are so many lawas out there, It is impossible for them to know them all. It is our duty to exercise our rights, and educate the general public.

I was stopped on 3-28-2012 outside Kroger in Vandalia without reasonable suspicion while open carrying a properly holstered Springfield XDM40. I have NOT edited any audio or video on this file the sound missing at the beginning was missing when this video was presented to me at the records dept. Where there is no sound the officer asks me for my i.d. and i ask him if he is requesting it or demanding it, he replays that he is only requesting it but i consented. He also tells me that im doing nothing wrong you just dont see a man with a gun everyday.

UPDATE: As of the end of April and after meetings with the city manager and the police chief, the city has implemented new protocols for instances such as the video. The city was very cooperative with the matter

Following Are links to the Training info given to the PD


Responding Officer Responsibility

As always, be professional. Common sense, discretion and good judgment must

Approach all calls for service with safety in mind.

Open carry of a firearm in Ohio is legal absent a specific ORC prohibition.

Some of the specific ORC firearm prohibitions include a person’s possession of a
weapon while under disability; use of a weapon while intoxicated; possession of a
weapons in violation of a protection order; trespass with a firearm on private property
when the property is posted to prohibit firearms; or improper handling of a firearm in a
motor vehicle (unless the person has a concealed carry permit).

Consensual conversation with a person engaged in open carry of a firearm is permitted.

A non-consensual conversation, or Terry stop, is not justified unless an officer
reasonably believes (and can articulate) from the totality of the circumstances that a
crime has or is about to occur. Document all factors that provide the basis for a Terry

Do not communicate any bias, express personal opinion, or offer advice to citizens
regarding concealed or open carry of firearms.

A Vandalia police officer may not stop an individual solely for reason of the person’s
open carry of a firearm. Officer statements about possible charges of inducing panic
and/or disorderly conduct to a person exercising a lawful right to openly carry a firearm
are inappropriate.

Seizing an individual’s firearm when that person is not under arrest may be regarded as
evidence of a non-consensual stop.

An officer may ask someone for identification, but cannot demand such information
unless the officer reasonably suspects (and can articulate) that the person has
committed, is committing, or is about to commit a criminal offense [ORC 2921 .29J.
Otherwise the individual has a right to refuse to disclose personal information and may
walk away.

Activate the patrol car video/audio recorder during the contact with an armed citizen.
Turn the patrol car’s AM/FM radio off. Failure to silence the AM/FM radio may
inadvertently diminish the quality and value of the audio recording.

Be aware that an officer’s words and actions are frequently recorded by others.

As with every other call for service, add descriptive comments to the CFS record in the
absence of an offense report.



Firearms Training

July 23, 2012

Firearms Training.

via Firearms Training.


3G Tactical Forum

July 21, 2012

3G Tactical Forum.

via 3G Tactical Forum.

The guys at 3G Tactical have the new forum up and running.

Contact Info

 3G Tactical
 135 E. Main St.
 Tipp City, OH 45371
 Tel: (937) 506-8108
 Fax: (937) 506-8132

3G is a great gun shop in Tipp City. The guys there are welcoming, and knowledgable. If they do not have what you are looking for in stock, They will order it in for you. Handguns, Long guns, Optics, accessories. They are an NFA class 3 dealer. Need a supressor??

They offer a full line of training classes as well.  Concealed carry, Personal protection in the home, Personal Protection Outside the home, Competitive Pistol, Defensive pistol, Tactical Carbine. 3G has 4 talented Instructors and one Apprentice Instructor. 

Not to mention they are a stocking dealer of  2nd Amendment Stuff Holsters and accessories.

 Come check out the forum. Join in the conversations. The topics are numerous.

New Forum

July 19, 2012

The guys at 3G Tactical have the new Forum up and running. And yes there is a section devoted to Open Carry. Come check out the forum and help make it active.




MILLER: Drive across America, armed – Washington Times

May 27, 2012

MILLER: Drive across America, armed – Washington Times.


Rep. H. Morgan Griffith, Virginia Republican, has sponsored legislation that would amend current law to make it clear that individuals who transport their guns from state to state may stop for food, gas and vehicle maintenance. They also may seek medical treatment, tend to an emergency, stay overnight and conduct other activities incidental to the transport.

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